5 Simple Ways To Relieve stress

5 Simple Ways To Relieve stress – Everyone has a problem, whether it’s a problem in the household, work, friendship and romance. There are people who can overcome the problem, but there is also the opposite so that experiencing stress. Do you belong to the second person category? If so, you need to eliminate the stress as soon as possible in order to live life well. Do not worry if you do not know how.

how to relieve stress

Here are 5 ways how to relieve stress :

1. Relaxation

Stress is a mental and emotional tension. Relaxation techniques are useful to reduce such mental and emotional tension. Relaxation techniques that you can try include:

a) Breathe deeply – Take a deep breath then lower your shoulders slowly out of your mouth. Repeat this technique 10-20 times.

b) Listen to music – Play a song with a quiet tempo or your favorite song. A study shows that music can reduce stress and anxiety.

c) Massage yourself – Do a light massage on your shoulders, neck, and fingers. This massage can reduce the tension in the muscles of the body.

d) Meditation – Sit cross-legged, close your eyes, and focus your thoughts on things that make you relax (for example, mountain with waterfalls, calm mornings, or your favorite sights). Do it 5-10 minutes.

e) Drink warm tea – Tea, especially green tea which has thiamine. These amino acids are useful in reducing the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body. In addition, tea as well can lower blood pressure so that your body becomes more relaxed.

f) Look at funny videos – Visit YouTube then search for fun videos (like funny movies or cuteness in football) that make you laugh.

When laughing, your body releases endorphin and melatonin hormones to suppress the cortisol hormone.

2. Drinking enough water

According to various studies, a half-liter body deficiency alone of daily water requirement (ie 2 liters) can increase cortisol levels, so it’s also the way how to relieve stress. Therefore, drink enough water when you are stressed. In addition to suppressing cortisol levels, water can also help you concentrate and avoid dehydration.

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3. Having enough sleep

Stress usually makes you think of all sorts. As a result, your brain becomes tired. For that, you need adequate rest (7-8 hours) every day. The best break is to sleep. However, people who are stressed will have difficulty sleeping at night. The trick you can do are keep away from cell phones, turns off the bedroom lights, avoid smoking and drinking coffee at night.

4. Exercise

Exercise can be a potent stress reliever. Why? In addition to forget for a moment the problem is being experienced, when your body sports will release endorphin hormones that cause a sense of happiness. Do your favorite sport.

5. Consumption of stress-relieving foods

Another way to relieve stress is to eat stress-relieving foods. These foods include:

– Salmon – rich in omega 3 that can reduce the hormone cortisol.

– Oatmeal – has complex carbohydrates that can help your brain produce serotonin which will contribute to a feeling of happiness.

– Green leafy vegetables (eg mustard and spinach) – rich in folate. This folate will produce dopamine, a chemical that stimulates the feeling of happiness in your brain.

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That’s 5 ways how to relieve stress. If it does not work or stress makes you want to do unnatural things like screaming or wanting to kill yourself, you should consult a doctor or a psychologist nearby.

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