5 Ways Can Make You Smarter Today

5 Ways Can Make You Smarter Today – Sometimes we feel that our work in the office really makes a headache. If only we were smarter, maybe our work would not be so difficult to solve. Well, My Simple Tricks has the answer! You can be smarter today in very simple ways and you can apply immediately. Come on, we both try the following five tricks today!

5 Ways Can Make You Smarter Today

1. Reduce digital multitasking

Research conducted by the University of Copenhagen shows that often working or reading reports on a laptop while replying to chat or e-mail can lower your IQ level. Apparently people who often do this can only absorb less information than those who focus on doing one thing only. So do not get used to doing two or more things at once.

2. Save all Google searches

Prior to Google, people had to find out the information they needed manually. Either go to the library or ask other people. It turned out that research conducted by the University of Columbia proves that the memory system in the Google era is less capacity. This is because we are used to running to Google immediately when looking for answers and then easily forget them. So try to rewrite your Google search results in a note or a booklet so you can hone your memory.

3. Listening to music

There have been many studies that prove the benefit of listening to classical music at the level of one’s intelligence. Recently University of Helsinki released his research stating that not only classical music, but instrumental music can also improve the performance of our brain. So now you can fill the instrumental songs in your song playlist for you to listen while you work.

4. Fast read

Reading quickly can reduce the time-consuming process of pronouncing every word you read in your mind. After all, reading can reduce the pressure in your mind so that the workload of your brain will not feel excessive anymore.

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5. Try a new route to the office

In human life, new brain cells do not stop creating in the brain. Especially when you’re facing a new challenge. So challenge yourself to try new routes to the office to form a new brain cell network as you work to solve your problems and find your way to work. You can also try this trick for other things like trying to come to a café you do not normally visit when meeting with clients.

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Come on, let’s develop our brain’s ability every day. Never stop learning and find ways to sharpen the brain, because our brains are the most valuable asset. Let’s share this information with your friends so they can develop themselves too.

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