7 Powerful Ways to Remove Acne Scars In 1 Day

7 Powerful Ways to Remove Acne Scars In 1 Day – Acne scars are a major problem for girls. Moreover, sometimes acne scars make a loss of confidence. Has not lost acne scars, then suddenly it’s time for menstruation, which makes hormones change and cause acne. This problem seems to be repeated for the women.

But do not worry, many ways to flawless skin without visible acne scars. Starting from natural ingredients, go to a beauty clinic, to use makeup to cover acne scars. Curious how? Let’s read 7 powerful ways to remove acne scars in 1 day.

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1. Baby Corn Face Mask

Do you want acne scars to disappear quickly in no time? You must try baby corn mask. The trick is very easy, purée baby corn and apply to all areas of acne scars. Wear a baby corn mask at night and leave overnight. Rinse face the next morning and see the difference.

2. Toothpaste

Another way to remove acne scars in one day is to use toothpaste. We use toothpaste without mint and fluoride, or herbal toothpaste without detergent content. Simply apply toothpaste on the area of ​​acne scars before bed and leave overnight. Content of silica in the toothpaste is able to dry out acne, redness and acne scars at once.

3. Onion

In addition to easily obtainable, it turns onion is able to eliminate acne in a short time. Onion contains antimicrobial, which is efficacious against bacteria that cause acne on the skin. The trick is easy, you just squeeze to get the juice or grate it. Then, apply the juice to the acne only before bed and leave overnight. Rinse face in the morning and see the results.

4. Eye Drops

This might sound very strange. Surely you are wondering what the relationship of eye drops with acne scars. Apparently eye drops contain compounds that can repair skin tissue according to several sources. Eye drops contain tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride which can help relieve redness on acne. The way is easy, drop the eye medicine on the cotton sufficiently. Then save the cotton into the freezer and leave overnight. The next day you put on acne or acne scars for a few minutes.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is able to cure the oxidation process and can accelerate the healing process of wounds, including healing acne scars in the skin of your face. In addition, coconut oil is also able to trigger collagen production in the skin that makes the skin becomes soft, smooth, and free from acne scars as usual. The trick is very easy, dab the coconut oil on the finger and apply on acne scar area. Let stand for more than 10 minutes then rinse face with clean water.

6. Tomato Face Mask

Tomatoes do have many benefits to our lives, one of which is powerful to remove acne scars. In addition, the substances contained in tomatoes are also able to repair damage to the skin due to acne. By using tomatoes, the skin becomes smoother and black spots on the face will disappear. Easy way, sliced ​​1 tomato thin. Stick the tomato slices on the area of ​​the acne scars. Let stand a few minutes and immediately rinse face with water.

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7. Makeup

After the various ways above, you can use makeup to cover acne scars in an instant. You can choose non-oil and non-comedogenic makeup. We recommend using makeup containing silica, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide, as these ingredients do not irritate the skin. In addition, the material is also very effective to remove oil from the skin and cover the redness of acne scars. You can use a green concealer to disguise acne scars quickly. After using concealer, apply powder thinly.

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That’s 7 powerful ways to remove acne scars in 1 day, hopefully this information helps. Good luck!

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