7 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

7 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking – Some of you may not dare to speak in front of many people, and until now feel fine with your communication skills. You tend to be spectators and give others a chance to talk. If this is what you have been through, then your thinking is WRONG!

Public Speaking

The first thing you should realize when you see the success of world-famous people is that they can speak in public. And they do it constantly.

Then, how long will you avoid and be ashamed to speak in front of the crowd? Than you keep dodging, here are some simple tips to overcome your fear of public speakingCheck it out!

7 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

1. The first step to boost your confidence is by smiling, your feelings will be better for it

Smiling is the most powerful tips that can overcome the feeling of not confident in just one second. Do not just smile if you feel happy and confident, otherwise you can smile to make yourself feel better.

Smiling is more than just showing facial expressions. Smiling also releases endorphin hormones that make you feel better, improves blood circulation in the face, makes you feel good about yourself and certainly can boost your confidence. You will also seem more confident in front of others when smiling.

2. Hanging out is also pointless, besides being able to interact with others, you will improve communication skills while chatting

If you want to improve your communication skills, do not just stay home. Go out and find a friend hanging out. Regardless of the positive or not your hanging out, hanging out is a means for you to train yourself in socializing with others.

Being in a casual, open-air hangout is a great opportunity for you to show off. But do not overdo it, it’s not good.

Try to speak up even if you just ask or express opinions, although initially what you expressed lack of quality or looks stupid. Over time this will become a habit and make you more confident to communicate in front of many people.

3. Try to make eye contact every time you communicate. Look at the other person’s eyes, so you will not nervous

Just as with a smile, make physical contact by looking into the eyes of the person you are talking to. Do not forget to give a smile to him, smile reply given others can improve your confidence quickly. Like smiling, eye contact shows that you are confident.

Eye contact helps you to get rid of fear when speaking in public and bring you closer to the other person. Eye contact also helps to attract the interest of the other person to pay attention to you.

4. If there is something you do not understand, ask a question. It also encourages you to speak even if you just ask

Try to ask questions about things you do not understand. Do not be afraid of being stupid because of these questions. In essence, you’re one step ahead to dare to speak in public.

If you get used to asking questions, especially when you’re in a crowd or in a hangout, you’ll get used to speaking in front of lots of people. In this condition, you will realize that public speaking is not as complex as imagined.

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5. Read a lot

Reading can enrich your vocabulary and improve your memory The more you read, the more vocabularies you get. By having a lot of vocabulary, you will automatically also more confident to speak.

People who are good at reading, articulate, and knowledgeable tend to have greater job opportunities than those with less vocabulary mastery.

Reading a book is also important to learn a new language, as it will broaden the words used in the context, thereby improving the ability to write and fluency in speaking.

6. Whatever happens, appear as neat as possible

A good-looking appearance also contributes to your confidence in talking to others

Try to always look neat every time. Comb hair, wash your face, fix makeup, straighten the collar, make sure there is no leftover food on the teeth.

It is a fact that one’s appearance plays an important role in building self-confidence. Although we know what we have in ourselves that is important, your physical appearance determines the impression people have of us.

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7. Be flexible, do not rely too much on text. Talk like you are chatting with your friends

Last, to overcome your fear of public speaking is being flexible. Being flexible is a way for your audience to comfortable with you and more confident.

When you have been in a presentation or anything that requires you to speak in front of many people, there are times where you find a presentation whose contents may not understand or contradict what you think. This often happens when the presentation is the result of group collaboration and you are instrumental in communicating the presentation.

You do not need to think much about it. The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the content that you talk or presentation. But if you experienced, you can do improvisation by talking honestly what you really understand beyond what you should convey.

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For those of you who have not been able to talk comfortably in front of people, realize that the best way to deal with all fear is to deal with it. So when will you change?

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