7 Smart Ways to Be Creative Person

7 Smart Ways to Be Creative Person – Many people think that a bachelor graduate will have a higher level of creativity than high school graduates or below. In fact, creativity never depends on how high a person’s education. Why? Because creative people are those who want to train their brains to find new things.

how to be creative person

How to Be a Creative Person?

Being a creative person doesn’t need high school. As long as you want to train and get used to looking for something new, then you can be a creative person. In this article, we present specifically for you 7 smart ways to be creative person. So that your creativity can be more excavated.

1. Change the Mindset

The starting point for being a creative person is your brain. So start by changing your mindset about creative people. There are still many who think creativity is a talent that not everyone can have. In fact, creativity is something you can learn and practice.

2. Thinking Simply

Many people think that creative ideas come from complex thinking. Yet precisely the creative ideas are result of a simple thought. Creative ideas can come from simple things. And then they are developed into ideas that are more creative and different from before.

3. Always Write What You Want and Feel

Creative ideas will come without us ever inviting them. It can appear in a sudden in the head when you are on public transport, even including when daydreaming in the toilet. When the idea appears immediately write in the book. This will be useful for ideas that appear can be recorded so as not lost in time. Whenever you need fresh ideas, you can reopen your notes and see interesting, workable ideas.

4. Quit the Comfort Zone

Did you know that too long in the comfort zone will make the brain become less creative? Quit the comfort zone will feel uncomfortable, but this condition will force you to think harder in searching for something new. You will never find anything new when in the same condition. Never be afraid to be different. Because different things that will generate creative ideas.

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5. Surround yourself with Creative People

The next way how to be creative is gathering with creative people so that you also contracted positive things. Being around with creative people will give you many benefits. As your ideas get stuck, there will be other inputs and perspectives you may never have thought of. Because it could be your point of view is too stuck in one place only and lazy to find a new angle.

6. Do Traveling

The atmosphere of a new environment will provoke the brain to think more creatively. One of the refreshments is by traveling. This method has been tested enough to shower you with new ideas that original and fresh. When traveling, you will find new people and can even try things that have never been done before.

7. Listen to Music

Listening to music while working is able to make you more focused. Music that fits any taste will keep the mood well preserved. Even music is able to calm a restless heart. Everyone’s music taste must be different. But the genre of classical and electronic music is called to improve the quality of work for the better.

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Being a creative person does not always need a great talent or a college degree. How to be creative is something you can train and develop, because basically everyone has this element in him. Because creative is the result of the work of the brain which is then manifested in a real job.

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