5 Basic Makeup Tips for Beginners

5 Basic Makeup Tips for Beginners – For every adult woman makeup is a must. Sometimes those who do not use makeup feel not confident. However, sometimes many of them dress up not to age and seem very old. So often also their faces damaged by using makeup that is too thick.

This article will discuss basic makeup tips that are natural for teenagers or adults.

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5 Basic Makeup Tips for Beginners

1. Clean the face

Make sure your face is clean before using makeup. Clean the face with a facial foam, then dry it by gently patting it with a dry towel. then, use a moisturizer that matches the color and skin type. You can also apply a moisturizer together with the foundation.

2. Use Foundation

Foundation works to help smooth out striped skin color. For a more natural and evenly distributed results, it would be nice to use a special brush for the foundation when applying it.

Color selection on the foundation is also not arbitrary. Because the key to make up is a good choice of foundation that matches skin color. Choose a foundation color that is one level darker than our skin color. You can also try to mix two or three foundation colors to further disguise the skin tone to look natural and not impress like wearing a mask.

3. Use Powder

In order to make-up look more natural, use a brush in applying a solid powder or a sprinkle on the face, because it can give the powder looks light but the face remains completely closed.

4. Use an Eyebrow Pencil

Use an eyebrow pencil to frame the face perfectly. The trick by shading slowly from the tip in the eyebrow to the outside of the eyebrow, in accordance with the direction of eyebrow hair.

5. Use Blush On

Apply blush on using fingers for a more natural result. If using a brush, pat slowly before being applied to the cheek. Use a little blush to make it look natural and not excessive. Choose natural colors, such as pink, orange, or peach. And finally, use a lip moisturizer and apply a natural-colored lipstick like peach, nude or soft pink.

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Those are some basic and natural makeup tips that you need to know, hopefully you will look more beautiful after reading this article. Bye!

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