How To Bathe The Baby You Need To Know

How To Bathe The Baby You Need To Know – Bathing the baby, especially the new-born, can be a thrilling activity for new parents. It is important to prepare yourself and know how to bathe the baby, so that you and your baby will stay comfortable during the process.

If you want to bathe the baby, avoid bathing the baby after she is nursing or eating. It’s better to wait a while until his stomach adjusts the intake that just went in. The step-by-step guide to bathing the baby is expected to help you.

bathe the baby - my simple tricks

Prepare Equipment

  • Prepare all baby toiletries before starting. Here are the essential tools needed.
  • A flat, safe surface such as a bed or a table for changing baby clothes.
  • Towels and changing mats.
  • Stack for running water.
  • Water to bathe the baby. Make sure the water is not too hot.
  • Fabric for wiping baby’s body.
  • The use of soap is not recommended when bathing the baby. If necessary, use a baby skin cleanser product with soap-free and light-weighted labels instead of regular soap to avoid dry skin. Avoid also products with deodorant and antibiotics because it can irritate the skin.
  • Clothes and replacement diapers.

Make sure the bathe the baby in a warm room. Prepare all toiletries in an easy-to-reach place around the baby’s tub.

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How to Bathe The Baby

Here’s how to bathe the baby in general:

  • Fill the tub with warm water with a height of about 7 cm, with a temperature of about 32 degrees Celsius.
  • Lay the baby in a changing pad or towel, slowly open baby clothes.
  • Use one hand and your arm to support your baby’s head and body. Then the other hand to support the lower body and place it into the water, starting with the foot.
  • Start by cleansing the eyelids, from the inside out, with cotton or soft cotton cloth dipped in warm water. Use a different cloth for the other eye. Continue by cleaning your nose, ears, and face.
  • Make sure one hand firmly supports the back and head of the baby as your other hand cleans the rest of the body. Keep the baby’s head position above the water level.
  • If using soap, pour a little so that baby’s skin is not dry.
  • Give more attention to the armpit area, behind the ears, neck and genitals.
  • Breathe the baby’s head and whole body gently with a dipper, then wipe with a clean washcloth.
  • Pick up the baby slowly. Immediately place the baby on top of the dressing towel. Dry each part of the body slowly.
  • It’s a good time to massage a baby while singing a song or talk to him to make the baby more relaxed.
  • Need lotions and oil after bathing? It is recommended to avoid using oil or moisturizer until the baby is at least one month old.

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In addition, clean water without any mixture is best for bathing the baby. So, avoid adding anything to the liquid. It is no less important, avoid leaving the baby alone though for a moment when bathed or changed clothes.

My Simple Tricks

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