Beauty Hacks: How to Whiten Skin Naturally

Beauty Hacks: How to Whiten Skin Naturally – Most Asian women feel happy and proud when they have white and shining skin. Therefore they are competing to get white skin and shine in various ways. Some of them buy skin whitening beauty products, there are also willing to spend in the pocket by coming to the beauty clinic. Some even take the extreme way that is by doing bleach injections. This article will get you know how to whiten skin naturally.

how to whiten skin naturally

How to Whiten Skin Naturally

1. Jicama

First in how to whiten skin naturally is Jicama. Lots of beauty products containing jicama as bleach. This is because jicama rich in vitamins B and C are very important role to whiten the skin and keep skin clean. Vitamin C in this material provides stimulation of skin cells to regenerate.

It’s easy:

1. Grate jicama then squeeze with water
2. Use the juice as a natural body scrub mask

2. Potatoes

Mineral content in potatoes can be a natural antibiotic for skin aging can slow down and help the skin regeneration. A natural anti-oxidant also plays an important role in order that the scars can be disguised and completely lost. Potatoes are an effective way to whiten the skin naturally and quickly for women.

How to whiten skin by using potatoes are:

1. Pounded finely boiled potatoes
2. Combine with 2 tablespoons milk until shaped pasta
3. Apply to whole body
4. Let stand for 30 minutes
5. Rinse with clean water

3. Milk

In the skin there is collagen to keep skin look chewy and not wrinkled. Well, milk has vitamin D that can increase the production of collagen and vitamin B6 play a role in maintaining and keeping skin healthy and moist.


1. Mix 1 glass of fresh milk with 4 tablespoons of honey
2. Make a scrub, apply on the body
3. Leave for 30 minutes
4. Rinse with clean water or take a bath

4. Yogurt

Of course you know that yogurt is a dairy product. Therefore of course yogurt contains calcium and zinc. Calcium plays an important role to prevent dry skin and dehydration while zinc plays a role to help solve skin problems. There are also vitamin B complexes that can nourish your skin and make it glow naturally.


1. Provide fresh yogurt with no taste
2. Use as body scrub

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5. White Eggs

High protein will help regenerate the skin to remove dead skin cells and replace with new skin cells. The trick is:

1. Separate white and egg yolks
2. Wipe the white eggs to your skin
3. You can add honey and lime so the fishy smell can be disguised
4. Let stand for 30 minutes
5. Rinse with warm water
6. Perform routine after bathing

6. Honey

How to whiten skin naturally next is with honey. Honey functions as a natural moisturizer and can also brighten the skin because it is rich in anti-oxidants and can also remove dead skin. How?

1. Apply honey to the whole body
2. Let stand for 30 minutes
3. Rinse with clean water while bathing

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These are the ways to whiten your skin naturally. Do it regularly in order the white skin you want is also healthy!

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