Cereal for a Child’s Breakfast, Is It Healthy?

Cereal for a Child’s Breakfast, Is It Healthy? – Practical and fast, making cereal a child’s breakfast menu choices. Maybe you do not have much time in the morning to prepare a child’s breakfast, eventually the choice fell on the cereal. Parents believe that cereal for a child’s breakfast is a healthy choice. But is that true? Check out the facts here.

cereal for child's breakfast

Does the cereal include a healthy child’s breakfast menu?

Cereal for breakfast is considered as a healthy food. Actually this is not entirely wrong.

Cereals made from wheat seeds are processed into flour and then cooked. Next goes through the extrusion process, then baked and added other ingredients such as sugar. Then the cereal dough is compacted so that it is easily shaped into an interesting and dried piece.

Most cereals sold today contain very high sugar. Can you imagine how much sugar your child consumes each morning that makes blood sugar soaring children.

Once the sugar begins to decline within a few hours as more and more child activity, the body also reacts to ask for more sugar consumption.

In addition, usually in the packaging contained a whole grain writing which means that whole cereal comes from whole grains. But actually not, because the grain has been processed to become a food, so the benefits of remaining whole grains only slightly.

Not a few also cereal products that actually contain enough artificial coloring, flavoring, until the high sugar content. Even so, instead of bad and unhealthy cereals, but always rely on this breakfast menu for children for practical reasons would be less wise.

Are there any other easy and practical child-breakfast options?

There are many nice choices of a child’s breakfast menu which is practical and fast. However, if you really want to keep choosing a cereal as a child’s breakfast menu, then you should pay attention to the composition in it.

You still have to pay attention to the nutritional content contained in the cereal packaging. A good rule of thumb is to read the first three ingredients because that’s what’s most in the product.

In addition, avoidance of colorful cereals produced from artificial coloring can have a health impact on children, some studies have linked coloring to foods with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and hyperactivity in children.

If you want to mix cereal with milk, you should use regular milk, not sweetened condensed milk. Because, sweetened condensed milk has been given enough sugar added.

A practical and quick alternative to a child’s breakfast is oatmeal. It’s easy to serve and your kids can select and customize the desired toping.

If oatmeal is not the breakfast your child wants, you can also try a healthy granola with almond milk and banana or strawberries, or both.

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If your kids still prefer cereal, try looking for a brand that has essential nutrients to meet your children’s needs, as well as the recommended dose of consumption. Or you can also pair it with fresh smoothie that will enhance your child’s breakfast appetite.

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