Guide: Choosing And Training Babysitters For Children

Guide: Choosing And Training Babysitters For Children – Choosing a babysitter trusted to take care of a child is not easy. Various criteria must be met, including patient, affectionate, and skilful child care. Calm down, Mother, there is a way to choose and train a babysitter to meet expectations.

Naturally if Mother feels worried when looking for partners in babysitting. Not infrequently heard news about babysitters who do not care for children well. Therefore, Mother needs to be more patient and meticulous in finding the right nanny.

Choosing Babysitters

Seeking Needs

The first step you can take is to ask a babysitter recommendation from a relative, family, or close friend who is or has used a babysitter service. In addition, Mother can also go to a provider of babysitter service providers, or search online / online.

We recommend that babysitter search tailored to the needs of different families. For example, if Father and Mother are both working and will leave a child alone with a babysitter, maybe Mother may consider hiring an experienced and experienced caregiver.

More details, please refer to some guidelines below:

  • Experienced babysitters do not have to be old. What matters is already mature, and Mother needs to know how her earlier parenting experience has been.
  • To be sure, Mother can contact the parents who hired her beforehand. Information that needs to be asked, among other things, how long he worked there, how to raise children, and how they work.
  • Meet the prospective babysitter first and do a small interview. If possible, leave and see how he or she interacts with the child.
  • In addition to seeing the experience, make sure Mother feels comfortable with her personality.
  • We recommend that you select a babysitter who before had a baby at the same age with the child Mother.
  • On the positive side of looking for babysitters at the agency, they generally first train their babysitters with basic skills to care for the baby, including using related household appliances, such as microwaves, slow cookers, or blenders to process baby food.
  • Better yet, if babysitters know how to help the baby grow through various activities, such as learning while playing, and not just placing a baby in front of the TV.

Is the interview result enough to make a decision? Each mother has an instinct that is hard to ignore. Although the babysitter answered all questions well and seemed skilled at dealing with the baby, but Mother did not have to hire her if she still was not sure.

Introducing Babysitter with Children’s Activity

Before Mother returns to work and entrusts the child to the babysitter, it is better to spend several days with the babysitter for adaptation. At this time, Mother can introduce babysitters to baby habits, home environment, also how to use certain equipment at home.

During this time, do not forget to do these things:

  • Give information about what makes babysitters understand and appreciate the rules and culture that Mother applies at home, especially with regard to children. For example, is the child allowed to look at the TV? Can a babysitter access a device (gadget) while looking after a child?
  • Describe the responsibilities and duties that the Mother wants her to do, such as whether she is just taking care of the baby completely, or also cleaning the house? Is there anyone else who will wash baby clothes or does that include his work as well?
  • Place the contact number of Mother and some other important contact numbers in a place that is easy to see. This may include your father’s number, your nearest neighbor, pediatrician, and the shop around the house.
  • Make sure the babysitter knows other important things, such as the location of the medicine box and how to use it properly.
  • Babysitters should also know the special needs of children, such as allergies or specialty medicines.
  • Make sure the babysitter knows the specific rules of Mother, such as not receiving a personal phone or accessing a device while taking care of the child.

Basic Things

To be sure, babysitters need to understand the basic things in caring for children and babies, such as:

  • Not allowing children to play with harmful objects, such as nuts, marbles, or
  • Not giving drugs to children without permission.
  • And not leaving a child unattended, even for a while.
  • Do not let children play around windows, stairs, electrical outlets, or stoves.

The cost of paying for a babysitter service depends on many things, including work experience he or she has had, and the nominal salary in the last workplace. You can do a small survey to relatives or friends who had already used the services of babysitters. In addition, Mother needs to prepare other costs if it gives more responsibility than the main task.

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Although Mother pays it, it is still important to appreciate babysitter services. Praise him if he does the job well. In addition, avoid asking him to do things beyond the deal, let alone that can make him overworked the main task of keeping the Little. Hopefully Mother easier to find and train a new babysitter to care for the Little.

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