DIY: Coffee Face Mask at Home

DIY: Coffee Face Mask at Home – How to make a coffee face mask is not a difficult thing. Yes, now we are talking about masks made of coffee. There are now many beauty clinics that use coffee as part of their care. Coffee is no longer the only beverage, but also useful for the skin. High enough antioxidant substances in coffee can prevent free radical attacks that can cause various problems on the skin. For example, such as dull skin, dry, premature aging, and many others. Coffee usually used for mask is pure coffee, to give better results.

DIY Coffee face mask at home

Different Ways to Make Coffee Face Mask

Since the first, coffee face mask has often been used, and the benefits are no doubt in dealing with skin problems. There are various ways to make an easy coffee face mask. Here are some ways to make a coffee face mask:

# Coffee Grounds

First is to use coffee grounds. The first way is quite powerful in lifting the dirt and dead skin cells that accumulate. The face will feel cleaner and brighter. Do this before taking a bath. Prepare the coffee grounds first and then apply on the face evenly while done gently massage. After that let stand for 10 minutes and clean it with face cleanser soap. To get maximum results do this way routinely for 2-3 in a week.

# Coffee and White Eggs

Next How to make a coffee face mask is to combine coffee and egg whites. Mix the two ingredients together. Before applied, first wash your face with warm water then apply coffee face mask. Rub gently, then let stand for about 15 minutes and clean it with cold water. Do not forget to do this treatment regularly to get most results.

# Honey and Coffee

The next way is to use a mixture of honey and coffee. Everyone would already know the benefits of honey. Not only useful for health, honey can also be used for facial beauty. This is because honey has excellent nutrition to moisturize facial skin. Mix honey to taste with coffee and then apply on your face. Let stand for about 20 minutes and clean it with warm water. After that wash your face by using cold water. The goal is to keep skin pores closed after previously open because of warm water. This way is very good to do for about 2-3 in a week.

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After reading how to make coffee face mask above, it’s good if you also know the benefits of coffee face mask. For example, to brighten the skin. This is because coffee has antioxidant content that can lift dead skin cells. So that the skin will appear brighter and cleaner. Coffee can also control the excess oil, smooth and soften the skin. Coffee face mask is able to shrink pores, overcome comedo problems, get rid of acne and simultaneously disguise acne scars blemishes.

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You do not have to come to the beauty clinic to get the benefits of the coffee mentioned above. Simply make your own coffee face mask at home and do your own treatment. The cost will be cheaper and less costly. In addition, the benefits are also more. No wonder the coffee face mask is becoming popular today. Hopefully various ways to make coffee face mask above can be useful for you.

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