DIY: How to Make Homemade Squishy

DIY: How to Make Homemade Squishy – Squishy is an object made of very soft foam. It will shrink when pressed then return like the original shape. Currently most of squishy is sold in the form of key chains, whether it’s for mobile phones or bags. The shape of the squishy is diverse but still has the same funny adorable. The diversity ranges from ice cream, mini dolls, fruits, animals, food, or certain cartoon characters.

how to make homemade squishy
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How to Make Homemade Squishy from Sponges

You need to prepare:

1. sponge or foam which is usually used to wash dishes or make up
2. scissors
3. Glue, can use silicone glue or acrylic
4. puffy paint
5. brush.

The steps are:

1. The first step you should do is to prepare the design first. Example: white bread.

2. After getting the design you want, then cut the foam into the shape you want. Use glue to combine some sponges, wait until the sponge is dry.

3. Before painting, make sure the sponge is clean and not wet so the result will be more sticky and evenly. Up here certainly does not need much clue well, it all depends on the creativity you have.

4. After the paint dries, you just stick the keychain on the foam and give glue to stick strong. Then finish.

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How to Make Homemade Squishy from Slime

In making squishy creations do not just stop here, because it turns out squishy can also be made from slime. Slime is a sticky and sticky textured toy, with a wide variety of colors and shapes. Let’s see how to make homemade squishy from slime below!

Tools are:

1. White slime
2. Sponge or foam
3. Paint: variety of colors, to be used to give a motive
4. Containers, which will be used as a place to put when the manufacturing process.
5. Ice cream sticks are used to stir the slime
6. Small plastic, as a base, so squishy is not sticky.
7. Scissors for cutting foam and slime shape in case there is an excess.
8. The brush for the squishy.

The steps are:

1. Cut the sponge into a round shape, or you can use a relief container.

2. Cut the size of the slime into 3 parts, then give the color according to taste, then use embossed paint.

3. Stir until the color is well blended, then pour the first slime into the sponge that has been placed in the container (so slime not splattered everywhere).

4. After that, let stand for 3 – 8 hours until slime dry. Do it again until the first slime dough runs out.

5. Continue to trigger the donut toping utilize slime part 2 and 3.. You should use the brush so that the results more neat.

6. Allow for 3 hours until dry, then put into the refrigerator so squishy so slow.

7. Squishy slime is ready to be played.

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Squishy can stimulate motoric sensor for children. In addition, it’s also safe to be played by toddler more than two years old. Parents can also play it to realize their stress. Since how to make homemade squishy is easy, you can try it at home.

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