4 Ways To Find Creative Ideas

4 Ways To Find Creative Ideas – A novice writer sometimes has trouble getting new ideas. Whether it’s for writing material on his personal blog or notebook. Naturally, because these ideas usually do not always appear on time when you need them.

In fact, not infrequently your brain is forced to think hard for the idea and inspiration it appears. Do not do that guys. Instead of getting an idea, it will even cause stress.

find creative ideas

Find Creative Ideas

Well, maybe the following 4 ways you can do when you experience problems like the above. Check it out!

1. Listen to your favorite songs

First on how to find creative ideas is listening to music. Music is already a work of art that is difficult to be released from our lives. It seems life will be empty without music. When the idea you need has not been imagined, you can try listening to your favorite song. You can listen to all your favorite songs.

In my opinion, a song that can create creative ideas is a song that makes us comfortable. The songs are easy listening, and not too noisy. But if you prefer rock songs, please try. It will give you a new mood and idea for you.

2. Relax

Creativity comes when the body and mind relaxed. If the idea does not exist, then do not push yourself, which in the end will even cause stress. Conditions like this even make your creativity lost.

Relax, stretch your muscles, stretch your nerves, enjoy fresh air, take a breath, exhale, or maybe you can try to get out of the house and see the natural scenery. Condition around the quiet helps you think, later it will arise creative ideas.

3. Daydream before bed

Before bed is a good time for you to imagine. You can try it for a moment about anything. For example you can reflect on the things you want to do the next day or reflect on what concepts you want to make material for your writing.

The important thing is you have to think about everything positive. Do not contemplate negative things. Remember, positive !! Usually at bedtime, body and mind have started to relax and not tense, who knows the bright idea that you expect suddenly appeared unexpectedly.

4. Communication and Socialization

Ideas and creativity usually appear when you socialize with many people. Simple things can trigger exceptional creativity. For example when Dustin Moskovitz talked to Mark Zuckerberg about the status of a female friend, still single or not. Mark Zuckerberg replied that no one wants to go around using a board taped to his shirt to explain his status. From here the idea emerged, which eventually became one useful feature on Facebook, which features a person’s status.

What is clear is that the idea flows when you communicate and socialize with people who are even different from you.

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That’s 4 ways to find creative ideas. Keep in mind, do not too push yourself to be creative. We recommend let it flow!

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