4 Ways to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

4 Ways to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home – Not long ago I was a bit furious with the presence of this little beast at home. All the dishes at the dinner table were always invaded by them. After I checked around, there was indeed a gap like a hole that became his nest. Then I took some action to repel this little animal. And not long ago, finally how to get rid of the ants on the dining table that I did worked out perfectly.

How to Get Rid of Ants in your home

How to Get Rid of Ants

Here are some ways you can do to get rid of ants in your home:

1. Using Special Chalk

Using chalk is the first step I take to dispel the movements of the ants to ascend to my table. Initially I had to scratch the entire edge of the table, because the work of lime is to limit the steps ant so as not to cross the limit. But when I eat, I do not realize the lime stuck to my arm, until finally I had to wash my arms, and also the former lime line is getting faded, then I have to make a new line again. What a hassle!

Indeed, how to repel ants at the table with special chalk is powerful. The little beast no one dared go up to the table, but I have to find a new way again to be more practical and more durable line. Finally I do not run out of mind, I make a line on every foot of the table, because the place is rarely touched directly by our bodies. After all, table legs are the starting place for them to climb to the dining table.

Above is a simple case example, essentially special chalk is very effective to get rid of ants in your home. You can apply the way as needed and at certain places. Keep in mind, keep the ant chalk line out of the reach of small children. Fear of the line becomes a child’s toy, or may just go into the mouth of the Child.

2. Vinegar

In addition to eliminating fishy odor in fish, it is also very powerful vinegar to eradicate ants. You can mix the vinegar solution with water, the ratio can be your own (the vinegar is not missing). Then spray it around the place you want or where the usual little animal is clustered. Sure enough, soon this flock no longer came.

3. Coffee Powder

Well, the following way is the simplest and easiest to apply. Besides coffee is a delicious drink, the powder also can be used to get rid of ants. The trick is very easy, you simply spread the coffee powder to the places that are often covered by them. Sprinkle it thinly, then they will not dare to approach. That’s because these animals do not like the smell of coffee.

Use coffee powder without sugar, not coffee + sugar in sachet, but only pure coffee.

4. Do not Forget to Clean Food Remnants

How to eradicate this ant should always do if your home wants to be free of them. Sometimes we really like to forget to clean up the remains of food or food that fell to the floor without us knowing it. This will invite ants, cockroaches, even rats. Especially for sweet foods. As the saying goes, “There is sugar, there are ants.” And indeed it is true, they really like sweet foods. I do not know where these hordes come from, but if there’s a sugary thing, they’re swarming fast. Therefore, do not forget to always clean the leftovers and mop the floor regularly.

Please note, in this article we only discuss how to get rid of ants from our homes, not kill them. Because killing animals is a prohibited act. Instead we need to emulate their work ethic, how to work together and work hard tirelessly.

That’s a little discussion about how to get rid of ants in your home. May be useful!

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