Guide: Choosing the Best Quality Beef

Guide: Choosing the Best Quality Beef – Beef is one of those foods that contain lots of protein. Beef is also a food ingredient that is often processed into a super and delicious delicious food. However, if wrong in choosing beef, then we will not get the most from beef. A lot of bad quality beef sold only to make a profit as much as possible.

Guide Choosing the Best Quality Beef

Red meat like beef is a source of protein that is needed by the body. Protein itself has a lot of functions. For example as a muscle builder, so it will support growth in children and adolescents, but it can also to regulate body metabolism, forming antibody, wound healers and cell regeneration, especially skin and much more.

Therefore, it is important for us to take care in choosing beef that is still fresh and quality. The goal is that the protein content in the beef can be beneficial to our body.

How To Choose the Best Quality Beef

For those of you who want to choose beef with the best quality, you can try the following tips.

1. Notice the Color of Beef

Fresh and quality beef can be known from the color. Choose red and bright Beef, not pale and not dirty. It indicates that the beef is still fresh.

The color of the beef varies depending on the type of animal genetically and age, such as beef cut is darker than dairy beef, veal is more pale than adult beef.

2. Typical Smell / Aroma

Fresh beef has a fresh aroma as well, while rotten beef will cause unpleasant or acidic odor.

3. Not Watery

If you buy beef you may often see red blood-like fluid. The liquid is not blood, but the “juice” of the flesh.

Normally beef has a relatively dry surface, so it can withstand the growth of microorganisms from outside that affect the shelf life of the beef.

Try to buy beef that is not watery, because if it is watery then the beef has been in a long time in the free air.

4. Tenderness

The tenderness of the beef is determined by the connective tissue content. The older the age of cattle, the makeup of connective tissue more and more, so that the resulting beef more clay or hard.

If pressed with a finger, a healthy beef will have a chewy consistency.

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5. Fat content (Marbling)

Fat content (marbling) is the fat that exists between muscle fibers (intramuscular). Fat acts as a muscle wrapper and keeps the beef intact when heated. Marbling affects the taste.

6. Beef Texture

The fresh beef has a chewy texture. Gently press the beef, if it returns to the starting position, it means the beef is still fresh. On rotten beef will feel soft when pressed.

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That was some tips you can learn to choose the best quality beef to produce cuisine with a super special taste. Good luck!

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