5 Important Health Benefits of Laughter

Important Health Benefits of Laughter – Believe it or not, laughter is believed to be the key to happiness and health. The health benefits of laughter can have a positive impact on your physique and your soul. Such as relieving stress, burning calories, to prevent heart disease!

Why is that? When laughing, a person’s body will undergo physiological changes. Starting from the stretching of the muscles of the face and body, also the speed of the pulse and the increased breath. This increase makes the spread of oxygen to the body tissues more smoothly.

Health Benefits of Laughter

So, what are the benefits of laughter?

Health Benefits of Laughter

Experts believe that laughter can have the potential to give good health. Here are the important health benefits of laughter that you can get:

1. Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

When a person laughs, the body releases a hormone called endorphins. This hormone is responsible for giving a sense of happiness to you, so that the stress and negative thoughts will be driven from your mind.

Increased oxygen and its distribution in the blood also more smoothly when you laugh. It can also nourish your heart.

2. Improve the Immune System

Next health benefits of laughter is able to improve the immune system. The fact that is no less interesting is that laughter can boost the immune system. When laughing, people generally will automatically apply stomach breathing.

This type of breathing can stimulate the body to increase the flow of the lymphatic system in the lymph nodes in charge of eliminating toxins. This process can increase the protection of our body.

3. Lowering Stress Level

When you’re stressed, you’ll be harder to laugh. However, you can work around this by reading or watching a humor-themed movie that can provoke your laughter.

The reason, laughter also has the potential to increase the hormone that can reduce stress levels, namely cortisol and epinephrine. Both of these hormones will make you feel happy and excited, so the stress will be reduced.

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4. Potential to Increase Endurance Against Pain

Laughter can also increase a person’s resistance to pain. According to one study, this endurance can even last up to 20 minutes after a person has finished laughing.

The release of endorphin hormones that occur when a person laughs is considered to be the backdrop of this virtue. This happiness hormone will also reduce the feeling of tension in the muscles so that the pain seems to be not felt.

5. Can Burn Calories

Last important health benefits of laughter is great for burn calories. Who wants to burn calories without exercising? Laughter is believed to be one way to reduce the disruptive fat on your body.

A research shows that doing laughter activity can increase the metabolic rate up to 20%. Even so, it does not mean you can immediately leave sports or other physical activities. You’d better combine it to get best result.

How To Laugh

Now You Already know about important health benefits of laughter, but you’re still hard to do it? Do not worry, there are several ways you can do to trigger a laugh off. Check it out here!

  • Read a book or watch a movie with a comedy genre.
  • Watching funny television shows, such as stand-up comedy.
  • Take the time to chat and joke with family.
  • Spend time with a comic friend.

The health benefits of laughter may still need further research. But there’s nothing wrong for you to try, is not it?

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If you’re a hard-to-laugh person, do not worry! Do activities that can inspire your humor, such as watching comedy movies or stand-up comedy events.

So, have you laughed off today?

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