11 Surprising Health Benefits of Pineapple

11 Surprising Health Benefits of Pineapple – Are you familiar with pineapple? Love to eat pineapple?

Blessed! This is because the benefits of pineapple fruit very much. Even though it looks okay, the pineapple was instrumental in adding energy, lose weight, make hair healthier, relieve and lowers the risk of obesity and heart disease.

Pineapple that is already made into juice also have many advantages. Because it tastes sweet already, you don’t need to add sugar into juice. Different from other fruits that need additional sugar when made into juice.

health benefits of pineapple


Health benefits of pineapple

The pleasure of chewing the fruit pineapple directly or enjoyed in the form of juice turns out to be linked to the profits for your welfare. Here are some health benefits of pineapple you should know, among others:

1. Prevent asthma because they contain beta carotene

Pineapple and other fruits, such as mango, papaya, melon, pumpkin and vegetables including carrots, all contain beta carotene. When consumed on a regular basis, these substances are believed to reduce the risk of asthma.

2. Prevent cancer and cut the side effects of cancer treatment

Pineapple contains vitamin c. vitamin C is one of the benefits is its role as an antioxidant. Because of that, health benefits of pineapple can help lower the risk of the formation of cancer-causing free radicals.

Bromelain, an enzyme that is found in pineapple also helps reduce side-effects due to cancer, such as sore throat due to the side effects of radiation treatment for cancer.

3. Lower blood pressure (hypertension)

If you are having problems with high blood pressure, try eating fruits containing potassium, one of which is the fruit of the pineapple. Satisfy the substance potassium will help in lowering blood pressure.

4. Lowering blood sugar levels of diabetics

Sweet pineapple is also believed to beneficial both for the health of people with diabetes mellitus. If you suffer from diabetes, then there is no harm in eating pineapples regularly to help blood sugar levels to go down toward the numbers stable.

To measure and ideally, try consuming 21-25 grams of pineapple per day if you are a female or 30-38 grams per day for you, man.

5. Increase fertility because of high antioxidant content

Health benefits of pineapple for women also associated with fertility. Free radicals can disrupt and damage the fertility system. Therefore, if you are currently undergoing pregnancy, usually recommended eating foods rich in antioxidants. This antioxidant will banish the free radicals.

Not only that, the antioxidant substances like beta-carotene, vitamins, and minerals contained in pineapples can increase fertility so that they can support a pregnancy. Wow, so amazing health benefits of pineapple you can get!

6. Healthy heart with potassium from fruit pineapple

A study stating that someone who routinely consume potassium with a rate of 4000 mg per day, believed to reduce the risk of death from ischemic heart disease amounted to 49 percent.

There are various types of foods containing potassium, one of which was pineapple. So, don’t be lazy to eat pineapple on a regular basis, Yes. You can get the health benefits of potassium by eating pineapple fruit.

7. Nourish the skin and become a youthful look

Who wouldn’t want to have beautiful skin and healthy? The content of Vitamin C in pineapple can help you in the formation of collagen.

The ideal intake of collagen is one way to keep the skin remains youthful. These antioxidants also helps in improving skin texture, reduces wrinkles, as well as against skin damage due to exposure to sunlight.

8. Restorative and can ease the pain

Pineapple bromelain is believed capable of accelerating at the time healing, reduce swelling, relieve pain and eases bruises. Therefore, if you are experiencing mild muscle sprains, cuts, or inflammation of the joints, don’t hesitate to rely on the health benefits of pineapple fruit.

9. Healthy Eyes

Pineapple high in vitamin C which is contributing to keep up eye health. Studies also show that taking vitamin C can lower the risk of cataracts. One of a disease that blurs the vision.

Consumption of fruits every day, is also believed to lower the risk of macular degeneration. Therefore, you can eat fruit every day.

10. Good for digestion

Pineapples contain fiber and water which makes it able to prevent constipation while simultaneously nourish the digestive tract. The pineapple enzyme bromelain also contains, which when eaten along with other dishes, it can have a variety of healthy benefits.

These benefits such as helping digestion of protein, reduce bloating and other gastrointestinal disorders. Other benefits of pineapple in the world of cooking, the enzyme bromelain is also useful to make the meat more tender.

11. Help The Handling Of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a form of atritis or joint pain is most common. The type of joint pain caused by the declining quality of pads of cartilage (cartilage) on the ends of the bones gradually.

The condition generally attack the joints in the hands, knees, and spine. On the other hand, the pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties, because the enzyme bromelain which is believed to able to help handle the condition osteoarthritis.

That’s the surprising health benefits of pineapple fruit. Please take reasonable and not excessive. Hopefully this article was helpful for you. Happy eating pineapple fruit!

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