Honey Mask Facial: Benefits and How to Make It

Honey Mask Facial: Benefits and How to Make It – Honey mask is one of the naturally facial tips that now many are using. Now, women in the world prefer natural materials to care for beauty because of minimal side effects, compared with using chemical products that have many side effects. Therefore, honey mask facial is widely used today.

honey mask facial

Benefits of Honey Mask Facial

Honey mask facial is very useful, depending on the material you use. But in general, the benefits of honey mask same as pure honey for treatment. Beauty here includes such as facial, hair and skin care. Indeed honey can also be used to make natural mask ingredients.

The benefits of honey mask facial include can inhibit the growth of acne, replace dry skin cells, whiten oily and sensitive skin. Honey can also remove black spots on the face. and eliminate acne scars. For honey hair can help restore the faded hair sheen.

How to Make a Honey Mask Facial

For making honey mask facial, the way is quite easy. All it takes is patience and your will. Because treatment with this natural ingredients requires a long process. However, the natural ingredients have almost no side effects if we use them appropriately. Honey can also be combined with other natural ingredients to get the maximum results as we want.

Here how to make honey mask facial for beauty treatment:

Pure Honey Mask

First, we use pure honey without any mixture for face masks. This mask is perfect for all skin types, so no need to worry. For the first preparation, you should wash your face by using warm water. So that the skin pores open and nutrients in honey can be absorbed perfectly.

For use pure honey mask facial, apply evenly pure honey all over your face. Let stand for 15 minutes. Then rinse the face with warm water and a tinkle with a clean towel. For maximum results use facial moisturizer.

Honey Mask for Acne

To get rid of acne. we will combine honey with aloe vera plant. besides beneficial for hair, aloe vera can also get rid of acne.

How to make honey mask for acne is, mix a tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons aloe vera leaves sap / mucus. Then apply evenly the ingredients to the entire face and leave for 15 minutes. For you who have sensitive skin mix pure honey with rose-water.

Lemon and Honey Masks

Combination of lemon and honey is very efficacious for your facial skin care. Because lemons contain natural pH is able to brighten the skin without making it dry. Skin color can evenly and disguise black stain so skin look whiter.

Ingredients of lemon and honey mask facial are, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of pure honey. Mix all ingredients into dough. Apply on the face, from the eyes and lips. Wait until dry. Then rinse with cold water. This treatment you can do 2 times a week.

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Mask of Honey and Cinnamon

A blend of cinnamon with honey sounds strange to your ears. But this herb is very efficacious to treat acne. You can also add rice flour and turmeric powder for better results.

How to make a cinnamon and honey mask facial is, mix 3 tablespoons rice flour, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder, and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon powder. Stirring until evenly distributed. Apply the ingredients to the entire neck and face, but avoid the mouth and eyes. Leave for 10 minutes until the mask dries. Then, rinse with water until clean and dry with a towel. Don’t forget after dry using facial moisturizer.

Mask of Honey and Milk

Milk and honey are two natural ingredients with very high nutrient content. Milk is a very healthy drink, while honey has million benefits. And I will make both materials as a mask for hair.

The main ingredients are, one tablespoon of honey and one glass of milk. How, mix the two materials until evenly. Apply on hair until blended. then, rinse with water and shampoo as usual. Use conditioner for best results.

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OK, that’s the benefit and how to make honey mask facial for your beauty treatments. Choose natural treatments, minimal chemicals are good for our bodies. May be useful!

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