How To Be a Creative Person

How To Be a Creative Person – Everyone is basically born with creativity. It just depends on how we can maximize our own creative power. The creative power of each person also varies. What you can do, it will be different from what others can do. With creativity you have, you can be someone who is unique, different, and not impossible if in the end you can also be a person who liked by many people.

Well, now the question is, how to be a creative person? The answer can be found directly in the description below.

How to be a creative person

Change Your Question

Instead of asking, “Do I want to create something?” it’s better to use the question, “What will I create today?” The key is not to limit yourself to questions that only need yes or no answers. Create a question that allows for a lot of answers, so you’ll be trained to think beyond normal limits.

Notice the Small Things

Ideas can come from anywhere. It is important for you to notice the little things around you. From something that just seemed ordinary, you can find a unique and interesting idea. Do not forget to keep a record of everything you see, hear, and feel.

Change the Ways of View to Yourself

Come on, try changing your perspective on yourself. Try giving a name to yourself, eg someone who is good at painting. Describe you as a “capable” or “clever person,” so you’ll continue to challenge yourself to keep improving your skills.

Use What’s Around You

Use only the objects, goods, and resources you have. Take advantage of what you can use to create something. No need to wait to have certain equipment to create something.

Create Your Own Creative Room

You need your own space to channel all your creativity. For example, a simple space where you make a variety of crafts. You can make the space a place to help you focus on creativity.

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Join the Creative People

Want to be a creative person? Get together with creative people. You need to melt with people who have high creativity. So that the spirit for creativity persists.

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Well, are you ready to be a super creative person? Continue to grasp your abilities and never stop working.

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