4 Tips How To Choose an Antivirus Software

4 Tips How To Choose an Antivirus Software – Basically, all antivirus programs are updated properly, it can protect your computer from harmful virus attacks. Choose an antivirus program like choosing a vehicle, some say brand “X” is better, and the other says “Y” brand better. The distinguishing factor is feature and the quality of the anti virus.

So it all back to you, and you should specify the criteria before buying the antivirus product that you want.

How to choose an antivirus

How To Choose an Antivirus?

Some criteria that could be a consideration in buying an antivirus are:

1. Have the best malware detection capabilities.

First thing you should know in choose an antivirus is about their malware detection capabilities. To do the test over all antivirus products, certainly require knowledge and a great resource and can not do any person/organization.

But we’re lucky because many organizations do a competent independent testing of all antivirus products. You can also get a real testimony in several online forums about PC or technology. So that you will have a strong consideration.

2. Reliable after-sales support and trusted.

Like a vehicle, whether you will decide to buy the brand “X”, which has no after sales service that always ready to help when you are having a problem? Technical support online 24 hours non stop?

Make sure that the antivirus program you buy is not only for sale, but also getting support when faced with a problem. Because actually, you not only buy the antivirus CD/DVD and box only, but implementation of the software that requires support from their team. Keep in mind, you not only buy products, but also services.

Make sure you get a receipt/proof writing like “warranty card”, to guarantee you get your services in the future if encountering problems.

If you decide to choose a well-known software, but you don’t get a good support in the future, that means the benefits you get from the software is poor, and you actually suffered a loss from the transaction. This should be an important note for you.

3. Consider obtaining an important additional features such as:

Non business users:

  • Anti spam and antivirus email.
  • Firewall
  • Parental Control (to keep your child from harmful content).
  • Internet Control (to control internet usage time).
  • Automatic data Backup

Business users (any non business features) plus:

  • Application control (to limit the installation of unwanted applications by employees).
  • Device control (to limit the use of USB devices, CD Rom, Ext HDD only certain that can be used)

4. And lastly you have to do is backup regularly

Last on choose an antivirus. Don’t forget to back up your entire data periodically to the network/external HDD/DVD Rom drive just in case, if at any time your computer crashes/data destroyed by the virus.

Some antivirus products provide automated data backup facility to protect your data in backup to ext HDD, DVD Rom intranet or network.

For Windows systems, there is a hard drive image backups periodically provide to the network/ext HDD, so if your system crashes or viruses either due to hardware damage, in a short time you can do a restore of the entire system by doing a restore image that already backed up automatically periodically before.

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That’s some easy tips in choosing the right and reliable antivirus for Your PC/laptop. Hopefully these tips useful.

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