Tips How To Dress For an Interview

Tips How To Dress For an Interview – Job interviews are your chance to create a first impression before being accepted into the dreamed company. This first impression became one of the considerations of HRD in assessing the prospective employees. Therefore, do not let the company catch a bad impression when meeting you in an interview session.

How To Dress for an Interview

How to dress for an interview is one aspect that was first assessed by the company. So, for you the newly graduates are confused to determine the right clothes to wear, see the dress tips while attending the following job interview:

how to dress for an interview
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• Interview in corporate corporation

If you will be attending an interview in a corporate corporation that has a fairly formal work culture, wearing a suit is the best option. Skirts or pants, shirts, and suits are a blend that will give a professional impression, so it fits in with the corporate culture.

• Selection of shirts

Next on how to dress for an interview is selection of shirts. The shirt is the most ideal clothing choice. Seems like many jobseekers know that wearing shirt is familiar whenever thinking about how to dress for an interview. The shirt with the unbuttoned upper button gives a simple impression, but remains formal. The material itself can be cotton, drill, chiffon, or silk. The most important thing is make sure the shirt you wear is not too tight or expose certain body parts to make you uncomfortable.

• Avoid jeans

Even if you apply for work in the creative industry, you should avoid wearing clothes that seem relax during a job interview. Skirt or pants material remains the most appropriate choice. In addition, make sure also the material you wear clothes are not easily tangled so as not to give the impression of shabby or less good in the eyes of the interviewer. Try to arrive at the interview location earlier so you still have time to check your appearance on the toilet.

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• Add a coat or cardigan

Jackets and cardigans can be worn as a complementary attribute that will make you look more professional. A coat of dark color will reinforce your appearance, while a patterned cardigan will highlight your appearance. However, the selection of colors and motives should not be arbitrary.

• Color selection of clothing

During a job interview, black outfits or dark colors will make you issue a serious and authoritative aura. Meanwhile, the gray color selection can reflect a smart and independent person. If you will be attending an interview for a job that requires team-level work, you are advised to wear dark blue or navy blue. This color is believed to make anyone who wear it looks easy to work with, and gain trust from others. If you choose light-colored clothing, the interviewer will see you as a cheerful and approachable person.

• Clothes pattern

So that your outer appearance is not too plain, patterned clothing can be the solution. However, avoid overly flashy pattern that may distract the interviewer, such as flowers, animals, and abstract. It may be that instead of listening to your answers, the interviewer’s concentration is even disrupted by the style of clothing you wear. Therefore, you should choose a simple clothing pattern such as line.

• Selection of footwear

In addition to clothing, the selection of footwear is also an important aspect that you should pay attention to. Avoid shoes that reveal your toes or seem to show you like you’re playing to a mall. Instead, choose a shoe that is closed to give a professional impression.

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Those tips are how to dress for an interview. Hope it can be useful for you, jobseekers! Good luck!

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