How to Get Rid of Rats in Your House Effectively

How to Get Rid of Rats in Your House Effectively – If you’ve ever watched the Tom and Jerry movie, you must imagine that this jerry is a very funny creature. Or also if you see the white rats in the movie, very cute are they?

But in reality, living in our homes is not a rat like that. Rather dirty rodents carry disease. It is not good if we have to live next door with them. Surely you want them to run away from your home.

How to Get Rid of Rats

How to Get Rid of Rats

If you have a lot of rats in your house and plan to expel them, you do not have to worry, there are many ways to get rid of this one rodent. Here are some ways to get rid of a mouse in a very powerful house.

1. Mouse trap

The mouse trap is a tool specially designed to catch mice roaming around your house. There are various types of mouse traps that circulate in the market, including the trap-shaped and who use the clamp system.

The trick is very easy and also effective, you just need to put the bait in the form of leftover food into the trap, after the mouse took the food, then the trap will immediately close and confine the animal.

If you want to buy a mousetrap, you can search in traditional markets, usually sold in home furnishings stores.

2. Rat poison

How to get rid of rats by using poison is a slightly extreme but proven way. How to use it is by mixing the rat poison into the used food you have prepared as bait. After the rat ate the poisoned feed, then shortly after that the rat will start limp and die.

The disadvantage of how to expel rats by using poison is that they will die in any place. That’s what sometimes makes us overwhelmed by the smell, if they die in places that are difficult to reach.

Please be careful in using rat poison, do not let your goods or food contaminated by this poison.

3. Pepper

Well, this is one of the simplest ways and the material is easy to get. Rats are animals blessed with good sense of smell. From here we attack them.

Pepper is a spice herb that smells piercing the nose, even if you kiss the pepper directly, we will sneeze. Well, how to repel mice using pepper is very easy. You just need to sprinkle white pepper powder, or black pepper to the places you suspect as their playground. Usually in the corners of the house or the damp places. In a relatively short time, these four-legged animals will start to leave your home. Easy and effective is not it!

4. Keeping Cats

It’s exactly like a tom and jerry movie, where the mouse’s enemy is a cat. In real life this is true. Usually the house inhabited by a cat in it, no mouse dared to survive. The reason is very simple, the mice are afraid of the same cat, because mice feel that the cat is their predator. Though the cat did not eat rats you know! Cats will only kill mice or make rats like toys for them. When a rat dies, it will be left by the cat and not eaten. But in some cases, if the mice are big, then the cat will be scared too.

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Those are some ways to get rid of rats in house powerfully and fffectively. Please try one of these methods that suits you, Hopefully Help!

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