DIY: How To Grow Strawberries In Easy

DIY: How To Grow Strawberries In Easy – Strawberry is one type of fruit that have been the idol of many people, since the taste of it are sweet and sour. How to grow strawberry is easy. You can use the media planting the yard, or with poly bag or with a flowerpot.

Steps to plant of it basically divided into several stages. Including the selection of strawberry seedlings, cultivation of planting land, the process of planting strawberries, maintenance of strawberry plants, and the last is the harvest of strawberry plants.

how to grow strawberries

How To Grow Strawberries

However, before starting the step by step to plant strawberries, you should first determine the location of the land that will be used as a medium for planting strawberries. With attention to some of the requirements of strawberry plant growth as follows:

1. Sunlight up to 10 hours / day.
2. Rainfall between 600 to 800 mm / year.
3. Air temperature is not more than 20 degrees C.
4. Air humidity between 80% to 90%
5. The height of the land ranges from 900 to 2000 meters above sea level.

After determining the location to be used for the cultivation of strawberries, you can start to plant strawberries as following steps below:

Selection of Strawberries Seedlings

Choosing strawberries seeds is the first step before planting strawberries. Because if you plant strawberries by using seeds that are not qualified, it can be sure the growth of strawberries plants will be disrupted and ultimately also affect the harvest.

Getting quality strawberries seedlings, free from any kind of plant defects or pests, and having abundant growth and harvest are the main requirements of how to grow strawberries.

Plantation Land Processing

The second strawberries are preparing and cultivating the land that will be used for the cultivation of strawberries. After you determine the location with the criteria that have been described above, for how to cultivate the land to be used can be done in the following way:

1. Splash the ground by hoeing about 30cm deep. Then let stand for 1 week to help remove the toxic soil in the soil. Add fermented manure to preserve and increase the fertility and soil elements needed for strawberry plant nutrition.Next make bed with width 100cm, height 30cm, look to adjust land, and distance one bedto other about 60cm.

2. Close the bed with plastic mulch, the installation of mulch should be in the sun to blow the mulch can expand well so that can cover the bed perfectly.

3. Make a planting hole for how to plant strawberries with a distance of one planting hole with another approximately 30cm, while the diameter of the planting hole ranged between 8 – 10 cm.

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Strawberries Plant Maintenance

Do watering regularly especially on plants that are still young. Especially in the dry season where the vulnerability to water supply shortages is still very high.

Also clean the grass – weeds and weeds of plant pests that can affect the growth of strawberry plants. How to plant strawberries also required a stage of follow-fertilization to maintain plant productivity. Perform further fertilization at plant age about 2 months. One of them with N P K fertilizer with a dose of 1:1:1.

Harvest Period

At 2 to 4 months planting age from strawberries growers, the fruit can already be harvested. After the first harvest is done, the next harvest can be done 3 days once or 2 times a harvest by looking at the condition of the fruit.

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Those are how to grow strawberries. It’s easy and you can try it at your garden.

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