How To Lose Weight In Two Weeks

How To Lose Weight In Two Weeks – Obesity are often very serious problems for many people. Uncontrolled weight gain in addition to reducing self-esteem, also has enormous potential to cause various diseases such as heart disease, stroke and other chronic diseases. So it is not surprising people who have the problem of obesity is always looking for ways how to lose weight in two weeks.

Some choose expensive and risky ways like liposuction, but others choose a healthier and more natural way. These article will talk about it.

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1. Strong Intention

The first way is a strong intention, you will never be able to lose weight if you have half-hearted intentions, this will greatly result in your diet pattern, today you may run it in discipline but the next day you re consume fast food and tend to drink a bottle of soda. Remember the diet cannot be done if you are not discipline.

2. Adjusting Diet

Simple logic is if you consume food irregularly then the number of calories that enter into your body will also not controlled. If the number of calories that come in more than the number of calories that come out, then you will experience obesity. You can start with a good breakfast around 300-400 calories: 100 grams rice with a bowl of vegetables and a piece of fish.

3. Avoid Fatty Foods and Replace With Fat-burning Foods

These fatty foods are mostly found in fast food. In addition to fast food drinks such as ice cream is also classified as foods high in fat. The combination of sugar, fat, and calories can be said as something terrible.

4. Water Consumption

Consuming water is one of the main factors in the diet. So consume as much water as possible every day. Health experts recommend to consume about 3 liters of water or the equivalent of 8 glasses a day. Routine consume water while dieting will help you prevent hunger and thirst.

5. Reduce Consumption of Salt

How to lose weight in two weeks can also be done by reducing the consumption of salt. Although salt has a function to maintain body fluid balance, it turns out that other effects do not support weight loss programs. Salt triggers thirst. Salt has the ability to bind water. That’s why, when consuming excess salt, one will see the number of scales moving up. When reducing salt intake, automatically the water in the body decreases, and the weight goes down by itself.

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6. Try Green Tea

There are so many healthy drinks that can lose weight, one of the most popular is green tea. Green tea contains the highest catechin compounds and rich in antioxidants that make this one drink can accelerate the burning of calories.

7. Fulfill the Needs of Fiber by Consuming Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy products, and lean meats are low calorie solids that will help you lose weight. Fruits and vegetables consist mostly of water and contain only a few calories and fat, on the other hand, 1 g of fat equals nine calories.

So keep away the processed foods and start eating healthy foods. Fiber is also good for you and contains only 1.5-2.5 calories per gram. Most pods, legumes, and grains are good sources of fiber.

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8. Sport

Sports activities cannot be denied again if it is how to lose weight in two weeks to burn more fat stacks from the body. There are several types of the best cardiovascular exercise you should try, such as Running, cycling, swimming, boxing, tennis, dancing.

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