How To Make Candle in Easy Steps

How To Make Candle in Easy Steps – The candle is one of the lighting devices that consists of a central axis and is covered with solid fuel. Prior to the nineteenth century, the fuel used was usually cow fat (which contained stearic acid, now commonly used in paraffin). Candles are among the earliest findings of the primitive world. History records that Egyptians have been using candles since 3000 BC.

Other records show that in the first century, the Romans used candles whose axis was weeds. In the next century, the Ancient Egyptians replaced weeds rods with fiber axis dipped in liquid fat, cooled, and re-immersed in liquid fat, cooled, and re-dipped to a certain thickness. Allegedly, such candles are the forerunner of today’s modern bar candlesticks. However, the candlesticks of that era were not as perfect now. Often, when lit candles emit blackish smoke. Or, often also issued a kind of gas and odor that makes the eyes so painful.

Nowadays, you can make your own candle by yourself. So, how to make candle? Let’s take a look step by step!

How To Make Candle

• Ingredients:

1. Paraffin

2. Yarn mattress

3. Perfume

4. Dye coloring.

• Equipment:

1. Small pot

2. Bottles of mayonnaise, jam, or other (try to find a wide hole and thick glass, then wash and dry)

3. Small glass (transparent if wax wants to be colorful)

4. Skewer, with a size longer than the diameter of the mouth of the glass.

how to make candle
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• Process how to make candle

1. Prepare the skewer then tie the middle with the mattress thread, then put puncture just above the mouth of the glass, then arrange for the thread to fall to the bottom and stay in the middle of the glass.

2. Take the used bottle that has been prepared and then put into it paraffin pieces.

3. Put the bottle already filled with paraffin into a pot filled with water with a height of about 1/3 pan.

4. Heat the pan on a burning stove with low heat, then stir gently until the paraffin melts.

5. Add the dye bit by bit until it gets the desired color.

6. After the appropriate color turn off the fire, then lift the pot from the stove, add the perfume / fragrance into paraffin that is still melting.

7. The last process is to pour the liquid paraffin into the glass, then let stand until the paraffin becomes cold and frozen.

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To get the color of the candle wants more graded (mixed), the same way with the layered candle process. The difference when pouring a colored candle B does not have to wait for the colored candle A hardened.
If the candle wants to be more interesting: add extra colorful night candles that children play. After that stick them on a glassy surface (shape to be a flower, leaf or other when viewed from outside the glass). Then pour liquid paraffin (do not overheat, so the candle night does not melt).

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To produce the axis position to be more upright, dip the axis into the liquid paraffin, then place it back in the center of the glass.To produce a layered color Pour 1-2 tablespoons of color A, chill until hard. Then add 1-2 spoons of color B, refrigerate until hard, reset to color A or to color C, etc. to get the color according to taste. That’s how to make candle. It’s easy, right? If you want to try it, Good luck!

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