How to Make Ginger Tea in Easy

How to Make Ginger Tea in Easy – Ginger has many health benefits for our body. Apparently ginger not only as a spice cooking, but can be process into drinks.

This time my simple tricks will discuss about how to make ginger tea.

how to make ginger tea

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

The benefits of ginger tea is to overcome digestive problems, reduce inflammation, overcome respiratory problems, blood circulation, and boost immunity. So, regular consumption of ginger tea to keep your body healthy.

Ginger tea is an herbal drink that is beneficial for health. This tea is very delicious once drunk in the morning or during cold weather. Ginger flavor contained in this tea can give a sense of warmth to the body if you’re feeling cold.

To make ginger tea is not difficult, you can make your own at home with an easy and simple way. And of course very practical.

How to Make Ginger Tea

As explained above, that making ginger tea is very easy and not too difficult, you simply prepare the materials that will be use as follows.


  •  5 cm ginger
  •  1 tea bag
  •  Water
  •  2 tbsp sugar (adjust to the taste)

How to make it

1. Wash ginger until clean and then remove the skin, then splash the ginger to taste and aroma ginger getting out.

2. Prepare hot water and put a pouch, wait a few minutes until the tea water changes color to dark.

3. Put ginger into the tea water and leave for a while until the tea and ginger fused and fragrant.

4. If you have smell of fragrant ginger tea, input the tea into a medium glass and add 2 tablespoons of sugar or can adjusted to taste. You can also use palm sugar instead of sugar.

5. Ginger tea is ready to enjoyed.

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That’s how to make ginger tea drink, very easy right? If you regularly consume ginger tea, then you will get the benefits.

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