Simple Tricks How To Make Slime

Simple Tricks How To Make Slime – Slime is familiar to us as children’s toys that have a unique shape, chewy and somewhat sticky with a variety of color choices. Children love slime because of the uniqueness of the shape that makes it feel furious when playing it. Looks wet but once held it was chewy like jelly. Instead of buying it, better to make it by yourself. So, how to make slime? Here are some ways!

how to make slime
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How To Make Slime

• Adhesive glue

This glue is used as a slime material, of a clear color and of a very sticky nature, will make this sovereign slime even suppler with a mixture of borax as a Slime activator. Materials and tools to be prepared: adhesive glue, slime activator, liquid bath soap, food coloring, and baby oil.
The steps are: insert the glue into the basin (whatever the container is), add the Slime Activator to thegGlue until stirring until evenly distributed, pour a few drops of food coloring as desired, stir again until the slime color is evenly distributed, give a little baby oil so the dough is not sticky, let stand dough for a while, and the process of making slime is complete.

• Starch

Starch can be used in making slime, because the starch will change its nature that will become thick, even sticky flour when dissolved into the water. That’s why starch is also often used as the basic ingredients of making glue paper. Materials and tools to be prepared are 400 ml of clean water, 2 glasses of starch, 2 teaspoons of food coloring, 150gr cooking oil.

First, prepare a basin for the container to process the material, insert the starch into the container, pour clean water slowly and stir for the flour does not clot. Add cooking oil to the dough. Stir until evenly and if less dilute, can add more cooking oil. Then Combine the food coloring into the slime batter until well blended. Leave it for awhile and slime is ready to be played.

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• Liquid Detergent

In addition to dishwashing liquid soap, it turns out even liquid detergent can also be used to make slime. Here’s how to make slime from this material. You should prepare: water, liquid detergent, adhesive glue, food coloring, mixer, and basin. The steps are:put detergent into prepared container, add the glue, stir the two until thickened, then mix food coloring as you wish, stir until mixture of glue and dye mixture perfectly. After the dough is mixed evenly, soak and let stand in water about 2 to 3 minutes. The, lift and then stir again until thickened.

• Baby powder

Do not be surprised when hearing the baby powder can be used as the basic ingredient of making slime. There is another uniqueness of other slime basic ingredients, such as baby powder.

Materials and tools to be prepared: 1 bottle of baby powder, water sufficiently, 4 tbsp baby oil, food coloring, stirring tool, basin or container. How to make slime from baby powder are: put baby powder into a basin or container, add the water little by little while stirring, add baby oil to the dough, and mix well. Puy the food coloring into the dough, then stir until evenly distributed. Let stand dough a few minutes before use.

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Actually, how to make slime is easy right? Even we can try it with our beloved children! Good luck!

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