How To Swim on The Water for Beginners

How To Swim on The Water for Beginners – Swimming is a very useful and healthy hobby in our lives. As we know that this sport can keep up our body to be healthy, feeling relaxed and also not a little mention that swimming can also increase our height. To be able to swim, we must learn how to swim on the water easily for beginners. In this article, we’ll talk about it so we can overcome our own limbs in order not to drown. Here are some steps for you who want to learn easy ways and tips for swimming for beginners.

how to swim on the water for beginners

Here are How to Swim on the Water for Beginners

1. Respiratory

Before swimming into the water, try on the ground first and train the rhythm by taking a breath through the mouth and remove it through the nose. Until such a rhythm can be done automatically.

Then after we can do the above, try the way it is done in a shallow pool or pool that can allow someone to be able to stand. Take the air through your mouth and then close your mouth. After that, put your face to the surface of water, after a while, slowly throw air through the nose. Do it repeatedly and if possible up to 50-100 repetitions, because with that amount it is expected later that movement can be done automatically and also accustomed.

For those who find it difficult to take the air through the mouth and throw it through the nose, for a while can be done with the help of the nose first. But this one way if it has mastered the real breathing rhythm, should be abandoned, because the way it often resulted in us sucking water through the nose.

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2. Gliding

The next stage of learning to swim after you master the way of breathing is a gliding exercise. This exercise is very necessary to be able to train the body’s balance in the water. Not a few people who learn to swim, because they cannot master the balance of his body, they will easily drown and also unable to stand in the pool, although the pool is shallow.

The technique of sliding practice can be done as follows: stand above or by the pool with your back to the wall of the pool and one of your feet or the palm attached to the wall as it is ready to resist. Straighten your arms over your head with your thumbs that are related to each other. Bend your body by trying to get the fingertips first to arrive on the water. And simultaneously with the arrival of your hands above the water surface. Your feet are attached to the wall pushing so that your body pushed forward.

3. Floating

Floating position is actually not only done with one attitude. But can be a lot of positions that can be done. So that the body can float on the water surface.This attitude can in principle be easily done, based on the embodiment of the center of gravity as well as the center of the buoyancy point when the body floats. Whether it’s on land or in the air, someone can flip it or it can rotate using center of gravity. In the water, however, the chest is a floating point.

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These are tips how to swim on the water for the beginners. If you are still afraid. You can ask professional to help you when you are exercising in pool.

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