How To Tech Yourself Guitar | Step by Step

How To Tech Yourself Guitar | Step by Step – Learning guitar by yourself is not as difficult as it is in your mind. It’s easy to learn how to teach yourself guitar quickly and how to play the guitar properly even without a teacher. Indeed this way will be a little time consuming, but if your learning is maximized it will be faster way to succeed.

Have you ever bought a guitar lesson DVD lesson? It is also a way of learning self-taught guitar, but it costs money to buy it. If you want a free one, then you need to learn guitar through these suggestions!

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How To Tech Yourself Guitar

1. Master the basic keys first

All you need to do first is learn to play basic keys. The basic keys are C, D, E, F, G, A, and B. You need to memorize and master the key for guitar. The key is very much played on some songs that use the basic tone C. Well after mastering and you can play basic keys with subtle, go to the next stage.

2. Tuning guitar

Once you can play the basic chord, then how to teach yourself guitar is you should also be able to tune the guitar. If you can tune it, then you do not need to ask someone else’s help again. How to set the guitar is also included in how to quickly learn the guitar and learn self-taught guitar. Therefore you need to master it.

3. Learn all chord types

By mastering many key variations, then your guitar game will also automatically be more varied and certainly richer in tone. In addition, with chord variations you can also make the song has more feelings.

4. Learn the power chords

With this power chords, you can produce warmer tone. That’s because power chords use low-tone strings as the basic tone of the benchmark. The power chord is also a quick way to learn the guitar you have to master. You can easily shape any key either major or minor using power chord, you can also move chords quickly because it only requires switching position without changing its shape.

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5. Learn to strum the guitar

Well this is already beginning to enter the top level, to produce a melodic mixture of tone is required a guitar playing technique. The technique is guitar picking technique. But before you learn this technique, make sure you have mastered the various keys on how to quickly learn the guitar before. That’s because this guitar strumming technique requires a flexible finger and the coordination of his finger must also be precise.

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6. Buying the right guitar

Once you can play the guitar perfectly, it’s time you have a guitar that works for you. If you previously might just borrow a guitar to your friend, or already have a guitar but want to replace a better guitar, you should buy the best one for you. If the guitar is suitable for you, then how to teach yourself guitar would find the perfection. Good luck!

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