5 Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic

5 Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic – Visitors will visit your website for a reason, and you should be able to give valuable content, content that answers to what your visitors are looking for. That means before you drive traffic to your website or blog, you have to give your visitors good value.

Good traffic is a must if you want to have income from blogs. Maybe you already understand exactly what the importance of adequate traffic.

Now we will discuss how to increase blog traffic, so that your website or blog is not like grave.

How to increase blog traffic

Advertise your blog

Advertising your website is the most obvious way to increase your web / blog traffic. You can use the services of Adword, social media advertising, and other advertisements as the right way to drive more visitors to your blog. Of course if done the right way.

If you decide to use advertising services, then you need to apply the right strategy, accurate calculation, in accordance with the specifications of your goals as well. If your goal is just to increase traffic just to make your blog look crowded, you should just throw out your intention. Because advertising is not a cheap thing.

Conversely, if you have something on your blog that can lead to better conversions, then advertising should be considered.

Do not forget to analyze the profit and loss if you put an ad. And also consider the best advertising services.

The Power of Social Media

The second thing that is not less important to drive traffic is to use the potential of social media.

Do not forget to share the results of your posts or merchandise to social media. Facebook is one of the most potential traffic sources ever. Take advantage of other social media such as Twitter, Google plus, Instagram or Pinterest.

You should also be careful if too many share links, fear you are considered as a spammer. Also note the matching of groups that have the same theme as your post. In order for your visitors to be truly targeted, have an interest similar to what you share.

Interesting Title and Content

Another fundamental thing to consider to increase blog traffic is to have a title and interesting content on your blog.


Make a title that invites readers, which makes visitors curious about your blog. Or commonly called (clickbait).

There is nothing wrong with making the title somewhat eccentric, the important content in accordance with the title. Do not get too excessive, you can certainly distinguish which titles are excessive and which are not?

What is the relationship between an interesting title and traffic?

Usually people will click on articles with more interesting titles and descriptions, than flat titles. Of course the more clicks you get, the more visitors come to your blog.


Title 1: “Best soccer player in the world”

Title 2: “Here are The 10 Best soccer player in the world”

Do you think visitors will click on title 1 or 2?

Interesting Content

If your content is mediocre, flat, not have a characteristic, what is the advantage of your content? What could be the selling point of your content? What is the reason visitors come to your blog?

Blog or web competitor this year, more difficult than in earlier years. And it will be more difficult in the coming years.

All your competitors have interesting, unique and worthy content to visit. Your job is not to match or compete with your competitors. But you have to think to make different from your competitors. So, you can not compare to your competitors like apple to apple.

Increase Blog Traffic by SEO

You probably already know what SEO is. It does not hurt if you take the time to understand and learn SEO. Because with a good SEO, then your post will be well positioned on the search engine (page one). The easier your article is found, the greater your chances of getting abundant organic traffic.

You just need the patience to apply good SEO tricks. And that definitely keeps upgrading your knowledge of SEO, because SEO is not a static thing, there’s always a change. So, do not miss the update about SEO.

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That’s some way to increase blog traffic, so that your blog will crowded by visitors. Hope it works for you.

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