Indonesian Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

Indonesian Chicken Fried Rice Recipe – Are you familiar with this particular Indonesian food? Yes, “Indonesian Fried Rice.” Also called “Nasi Goreng” in Indonesia. If you’ve ever visited Indonesia, surely you already know this food. If you’ve never visited Indonesia, I recommend you to find this food when you first come to this country.

Indonesian chicken fried rice recipe

About Indonesian Fried Rice

Nasi goreng is one of the original food that comes from Indonesia, very famous in his country, even the world also recognize the pleasure of this Nasi Goreng taste. until it was crowned into the second best food in the world (after Rendang) CNN version

This food made from cooked rice fried and mixed with Indonesian spices, and mixed with eggs / chicken / meat / seafood / vegetables or anything depending on the type of fried rice itself. This food loaded with carbohydrates that can fill our stomach. Usually served warm.

In Indonesia this one food isn’t hard to find. Almost every region there is selling with a variety of unique variations. The price is also quite cheap.

Fried Rice Variants

Examples of variants of the famous fried rice are :

Lamb Fried Rice

Fried rice with mixed lamb, eggs, pickles, and vegetables in it. For the price of this fried rice is quite expensive. You can easily find this kind of fried rice anywhere in Indonesia.

Chicken Fried Rice

Almost the same as lamb fried rice, the difference only in the meat, as well as chicken broth that makes the aroma becomes very distinctive. This variant is a very common find.

Bitter Bean Fried Rice

Well, this one is also very interesting and unique. Fried rice with extra mixture of “petai” or otherwise known as Bitter bean (Parkia speciosa) in it. It feels really very unique, with a soft texture bitter bean mixed with rice and fried soy sauce.

Ok, we’ll not discuss the variant of fried rice above. We’ll make the fried rice even more spectacular. Obviously with easy-to-get ingredients and delicious taste!

Indonesian Chicken Fried Rice Recipe :

Ingredients :

– 1 bowl cooked rice


– 1 clove garlic, cut into small pieces.

– 1/2 tea-spoon salt

– 1/2 tea-spoon chicken broth powder

– 1 table-spoon sweet soy sauce

– 1/2 tea-spoon white pepper powder

– 1 tea-spoon oyster sauce

– chilli powder according to your taste


– 1 egg

– 2 pieces of meatballs

– 1 piece of sausage

– Chicken meat ripe cut into small pieces

– Green onions

– Sliced Tomatoes

– 1 spoon Margarine for sautéing (can be replaced with cooking oil, olive oil is better).

How to Make Indonesian Chicken Fried Rice :

Let’s Cooking !

– Preheat frying fan first, use medium heat.

– Add margarine, wait until it melts.

– Add egg, stir the egg using spatula until half-baked

– After that, add the garlic and green onion. Saute until fragrant.

– Add the meatball, sausage and chicken. Stir briefly.

– Then add the cooked rice, mix well. Use a large heat to keep the rice sticky.

– Add salt, pepper, chicken broth powder and chilli, stir well.

– Add the oyster sauce and soy sauce.

– Stir continuously until slightly burned, until the distinctive aroma smells.

– Pour into a plate

– Add fresh tomato slices.

Done !


– If rice has added to the frying pan, keep stirring don’t stop, because the rice will be easy to sticky. Therefore, it’s advisable to use large heat and use steel frying pan.

– Don’t immediately add the soy sauce to the frying pan, pour out the skillet pan first. Let stand a few seconds, then stir. It aims to ripen soy sauce first, later the soy sauce will emit its distinctive aroma.

– All the above complementary ingredients can be replaced according to your taste and availability of ingredients in the kitchen.

The Indonesian chicken fried rice recipe still you can improve… Please improve according to your taste.

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That’s how to make Indonesian chicken fried rice with easy-to-get ingredients. Please share if useful. Hope this article can help you!

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