How To Memorize Things Faster: 8 Secret Techniques

How To Memorize Things Faster: 8 Secret Techniques – Many people say that, if you want to be smart and master many things, then you have to memorize. Besides it contains some truth, but the statement is also a little difficult to accept by some people, considering everyone has different way to learn.

However, no matter how you learn, here are some general tips that are often used to memorize quickly and so as not to forget easily.

how to memorize things faster

How To Memorize Things Faster?

Here are 8 secret techniques to memorize things faster:

1. Refresh yourself

Know the time where your brain power can exit 100%. There are easy to memorize at midnight, in the morning, afternoon, or before bed. Find out which one works best for you. In addition to make you and your brain fresh to more easily concentrate, more passionate, and more powerful memorization. One way is to bathe.

2. Prepare everything

Optimize the memorization by paying attention to the environment that we will choose. For most people, such preparation is usually done by choosing areas that are completely safe from interference so they are more able to concentrate. But some people can also do it in crowded public places. Try to find the most conducive place to learn before starting.

3. Record what you memorized

The third way how to memorize things faster is to record all the information which are already in your brain to be tied even stronger. Or you can also use your smart phones to record anything you’ve memorized and what you missed. This is the easiest way to evaluate all your memorization. In addition, reciting it will force the brain to work harder to remember.

4. Write first before starting memorization

This technique is also widely applied by those who are easier to remember when they see the picture. The trick, first you have to write everything you will memorize. Then, once you feel familiar with what you will memorize it, you can help him by reading it back. Then it starts to be memorized.

5. Memorize by using sticky notes

Sticky note is usually for sale with several color options and you should prepare, for example 3-4 colors. What you have memorized write back on the sticky note sheets with different colors. This method is ideal for learners who easily receive lessons when viewing images. You can use the color code to distinguish the subject you memorized. So the information you store in the brain will follow certain groups.

6. Apply repetition steps

For each line of text, you can repeat it several times until you actually memorize it before moving on to another text. This method can usually help prevent memory from fading in no time. Because the more we repeat, the memorization will be stronger.

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7. Teach to someone or to yourself

If you want to memorize quickly and not easily forget, the technique of teaching what you already memorized to someone. Practice it to yourself for example by talking yourself in front of the glass or by demonstrating as if you were teaching will help you to remember more strongly and make your brain is not easy to forget.

8. Take advantage of recording

The last step how to memorize things faster is you can record everything you will memorize and then listen to the recording as often as possible. This method is very effective for those who love to learn by listening.

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