Palmistry: The Art of Palm Reading

The Art of Palm Reading – Palmistry is the practice of forecasting of lines, marks, and patterns in the palm of the hand. This science is also called chiromancy, hand-line reading, chirology, or hand analysis.

At first, this art comes from ancient Indian culture. It used to be practiced often by Brahmins from Ancient India. Palmistry can be considered as part of Astrology. Apart from India, this practice is also found in countries such as China, Tibet, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Ancient Greece.


Cheiro, Modern Era of the Palmistry Practitioner

Cheiro is the most famous palmistry practitioner in modern times. The Irish-born practitioner has foreseen many events of his day. For example, he correctly prophesies the Boer War, the death of Queen Victoria, the assassination of King Umberto of Italy, a year or more before each of these incidents.

He has also foretold the famous “Great Depression” around the world. He correctly predicted the outbreak and the end of World War 1 before it happened. Cheiro wrote a number of valuable books on the Palmistry. Cheiro succeeds in predicting the Tsar’s fall in Russia and the ensuing massacre of him and all his immediate family members.

Basics of Reading the Hand Line

Palmistry is based on line reading in a person’s hand. The palmist say that by reading someone’s lines, it is possible to tell about past, present and future people. They say that positioning the line in hand is the key to determining the subject of past, present, and future.

The basics of art is quite simple, compared to popular beliefs that consider palmistry is something mysterious. The fleshy part of the hand and the structure of the fingers show many things about the subject. Palmists (palmistry practitioners) claim that predictions through Palmistry have a scientific basis, though scientists around the world have their own opinions on this topic. Scientists claim that this science has no scientific basis.

According to Palmists, a person’s dominant hand reveals the current and future trends. On the other hand, passive hands show the childhood of a person. The palmist sees a definite pattern in the lines on the palm of the hand. These lines fall into the heart line, head line, lifeline, fate line, etc. Each of these lines will interpret different aspects of one’s life

Palmistry Today

In this competition era, many people are beginning to use such out-of-the-box ways of predicting something, when at first they were very skeptical of these mystical things. Palmistry is also increasingly popular among Western societies, because humans are becoming more concerned about their future than ever before.

Palmistry is quite popular in India. It is a part of everyday life for many Indians. Life is unimaginable without Palmistry for them. They will consult the Palmist for almost every activity of their lives. For special occasions like weddings, opening new business, child birth, starting a new profession etc, a visit to the Palmist has become a must.

An expert will check the hand carefully and advise clients on their next activity. The palmists say that there is a connection between the lines in the palm of the hand, the motion of the planet, and the life of a person.

That was a glimpse of palmistry or the art of hand-reading. Keep in mind, this is just for knowledge, believe it or not, it’s back to your own beliefs. May be useful!

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