8 Tips to Remove Body Odor Naturally

8 Tips to Remove Body Odor Naturally – Body odor make us very uncomfortable and also not confident, especially for a woman. When you have to meet a lot of people, or because of a job and more, your body odor wafted up by talking or people around you. Will make the atmosphere becomes awkward, and maybe you’re talking to will try to avoid.

When you’ve struggled to look naturally beautiful and youthful, but when your body odor, will certainly be impaired your appearance. How to remove body odor, so you always look fresh and should not be distracted by body odor?

You might argue, with frequent shower and wear deodorant will address the problem of body odor. Actually it does not guarantee can resolve the problem of body odor. Because the causes of body odor, in addition to factors from outside the body, is also largely due to factors from the body.

Here are some tips that can try to eliminate your body odor naturally.

how to remove body odor

How to remove body odor naturally

1. Betel leaves

A great many benefits of betel leaf. One is to eliminate body odor. Drinking the decoction of leaves of betel regularly once a day, will greatly help to reduce body odor from inside the body.

2. Basil leaves

Basil leaves can also help eliminate body odor. Consume regular basil leaves as vegetables when eating, will help restore your self-confidence because of body odor.

3. Slice cucumber

Slices of cucumber that is applied to the source of the odor, such as in the armpits, would be a natural deodorant.

4. Apple vinegar

The armpit is one part of the body that are the cause of body odor source. You can try to apply vinegar on parts of the body to cope with body odor.

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5. Baking soda

It turns out the baking soda can also remove odors from the source on the soles of the feet and armpits.

6. sweat absorbent Underwear

Wear clothing that is easy to absorb sweat, such as those made from cotton. Sweat not quickly absorbed the clothes will very easily exposed to the bacterial cause of body odor.

7. Avoid foods cause body odor

The body odor-causing foods to be avoided are: spicy food and contain lots of fat, and also drinks that contain caffeine. In the morning before you eat, drink a glass of water. It’s very good for your body.

Expand the consumption of plant foods that contain lots of fiber, such as fruits, green vegetables, wheat and grain.

8. use a deodorant

Do not forget after a bath always use deodorant. It will eliminate body odor You significantly.

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That’s a couple of things that could help to restore confidence because of body odor. And of course, take a bath is a must after you exercise or strenuous activity.

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