Sing Better with 5 Easy Tips

Sing Better with 5 Easy Tips – Singing is a simple but fun activity. Many people are hobbies singing and even succeeded in becoming a high-earning singer. In singing, you should be able to sound well, so that way, the sound you produce will sound beautiful /melodious.

Well, that’s what is called the vocal technique. Therefore, how to sing better? Below are the five ways to sing with good and correct vocal techniques:

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1. Warming up

The first way to do is warming up, so that when singing the sound you create is stable. Here are the things you can do as a warm-up before singing.

  • Stretch the muscles of the body from head to toe
  • Perform breathing
  • Do gymnastics of the oral cavity and tongue, so that air circulation and breathing becomes better
  • Sing the tone to include do-re-mi-fa-so-la-si-do, or we know as humming technique

2. Body posture when singing

Good posture when you sing is standing and not rest on the burden on one leg. It means that our standing posture is upright, by dividing the load on both legs and making it balanced. It is also useful for our body can relax, and can also follow the rhythm of the song that we sing, so the impression when you sing is enjoy, especially when have to sing on stage.

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3. Respiratory Technique

The next one how to sing better is by correcting respiratory technique when you sing. Good breathing techniques are when you inhale, the area around the abdomen developed. And when exhale, it has to be deflated. Things to consider in breathing exercises:

  • Good posture and correct posture must be maintained
  • When taking a breath does not sound or sound
  • When taking the lower ribs breath is developed
  • Exhaling breathing chest position should be maintained

Tips to maintain your respiratory stays good and healthy:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages
  • Avoid stay up, do enough rest
  • And avoid bad habits of smoking, caffeine consumption, etc.
  • Do not overpower the voice to keep spurred screaming loudly at certain conditions

4. Good Articulation Capability

Articulation or pronunciation (lyrics) when you sing is very important to note. With good articulation, our voice will be heard more clearly. The simplest way to practice is to improve the articulation smoothly that you can pronounce vowels (A, I, U, E, O) clearly, while warming up before singing.

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5. Mastering Intonation

Why is intonation also the way how to sing better? This is because intonation is an accurate “tone shooter” by being able to sing the tone appropriately. In order for the voice of a singer not fals, mastery of intonation becomes mandatory things that cannot be missed. To deepen your insight, below is the nature / characteristic of the tone you must know:

  • Duration / tempo, ie the length of a tone must be sounded
  • The intensity of the tone, ie the softness of the tone to be spoken
  • Pitch, ie tone accuracy (pitch precision)
  • Timbre / tone color, ie, the sound color or diversity of different types of sounds from each person

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