Tips How To Cook Tofu

Tips How To Cook Tofu – Some people think tofu is a kind of egg. It turned out that the type of tofu is egg tofu. Tofu is one of the most popular ingredients and often used in Chinese cooking. Its silky texture makes this tofu often referred to as silk tofu. The main tofu is made from soybeans with a mixture of eggs, shrimp or chicken. Usually tofu sold in many supermarkets, displayed on a cooling rack or chiller.

Apparently there is a challenge when we cook it.It is mostly destroyed and cannot be presented beautiful meal. It turns out cooking tofu cannot be equated with regular one. You should know how to cook tofu so that it is not easily destroyed when cooked. Here are the tips:

how to cook tofu

1. Choose the Type of Tofu

Tofu is available in a wide selection of flavors such as eggs, shrimp, and chicken. So for those of you who are allergic to shrimp and eggs, you can choose chicken tofu. Choose a tofu that is still in good condition: make sure the plastic wrapper does not leak, tofu is not moldy, odorless, and not past its expiry date. It’s good if you choose tofu that the date of manufacture is new so it feels fresh.

2. Cut Correctly

Tofu is usually packed in a thick plastic tubular packaging. In order not to crumble tofu when it is cut, you must use a sharp knife. Before cutting, soak tofu in warm water for a while to soft plastic and tofu is easy to remove. Cut the tofu across the center of the pack and push the tofu out of the plastic. After that, cut back tofu with a thickness of 1-2 cm or according to taste. Remember, pieces that are too thin will cause tofu more easily crumbled when cooked.

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3. Fry Tofu Before Being Processed

People usually don’t know that fry is one of how to cook tofu which is important. Tofu is often cooked into stir and soup. But before it is processed, fried tofu first so as not to be easily destroyed when cooked.Before frying, coat the tofu with a mixture of maize and salt. And then fry it into a lot of hot oil until the tofu is submerged or by deep frying technique. If the oil is used less hot and too little, tofu will stick on the skillet and difficult to reverse and destroy.

The maize layer will make the tofu harder and crispy on the outside. If you do not have maize, you can use white eggs and shake with salt for the coating material. Make sure the tofu is perfectly cooked on one side, just reversed to the other side.

Once fried, tofu is ready to be processed into stir-fry or soup according to taste such as, tofu broccoli tofu and chicken egg rolls.

4. Make Your Own Tofu

You can also make your own tofu. In addition to more efficient, tofu would be healthier because it does not use preservatives.How to make tofu is very easy. Combine the fresh soy milk and eggs, then strain and pour on a baking sheet. Previously, coated a pan with plastic or banana leaves so that tofu easily to be removed later. Steam tofu for 30 minutes then remove and refrigerate at room temperature.

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These are some tips how to cook tofu. You don’t need to worry that your tofu will be destroy on the fry pan anymore, do you?

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