4 Tips for Improving Sleep Quality In Children

4 Tips for Improving Sleep Quality In Children – If there is a question, what makes children happy? The answer is not a nice toy or a vacation to Hawaii. The things that make a child happy is to have quality sleep.

Based on the results of a survey conducted by the University of Melbourne and the TV program Behind the News in the year 2017 by involving 47,000 children. It turns out from the survey results note that sleep is an important factor in determining happiness.

4 Tips for Improving Sleep Quality In Children

Have enough time to sleep will make your child fell twice as happy compared to children who lack sleep time. Quality of sleep will also make children feel comfortable, fit, active and receptive to the lesson.

Unfortunately not all children can have a good quality of sleep, here are tips for improving sleep quality in children. See the explanation below:

1. Provide A Sense Of Security To The Child

Children who feel safe are likely to have a strong bond with his parents. Discover surefire ways to interact with the child. Spend time together doing fun activities. This sense of security and comfort will make your baby feel calm and able to sleep peacefully.

2. Create A Sleep Schedule

Set a consistent time for the children to sleep. Routines can form a discipline of children. They will know how their sleep routines, ranging from dinner, brushing teeth, reading books, to sleep. These routines will reduce anxiety and gives the children a sense of security so that the child can sleep well.

3. Regular Exercise

No need to exercise strenuously. Simply moving the body is key to making the children easily fall asleep. All energy will be used when moving. After that they will sleep better and quality.

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4. Reduce The Use Of Gadgets

Exposure to light of the gadget is not good for children’s health. This light is called blue light which was able to prevent the production of melatonin. Melatonin production is necessary to sleep in a timely manner. For that, away from the exposure of light rays gadgets for two hours before bedtime, so that children get to sleep.

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OK, that’s 4 tips for improving sleep quality in children. I hope this information is helpful.

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