8 Ways To Become a Smarter Person

8 Ways To Become a Smarter Person – Being a smart one is desire of many people. It is something you can learn, because no one is born with a wealth of knowledge that has been loaded in their brains. As for learning quickly, some people just better understand certain concepts than others. You can maximize the way to become smarter, but you have to practice continuously and consistently.

ways to become a smarter person

How To Become a Smarter Person?

Below is how to become a smarter person which you can exercise by yourself:

1. Reading

You can read anything and your brain’s nerve cells will be grateful. By reading, 3 types of intelligence: intelligence, crystal and emotional fluids will help to enhance their all-perfection. Emotional intelligence involves awareness and understanding of the emotions themselves. Besides improving the three aspects of brain function, reading also reduces stress.

2. Physical exercise regularly

If you just step on foot in a gym or just a few times at home, it is ineffective to rejuvenate your brain. To reap the benefits of mental acuity, regular exercise is necessary. Walking every morning, swimming daily or even morning yoga will help improve memory, learning, focus, concentration and understanding.

3. Play Musical Instruments

Playing a musical instrument increases creativity, helps to develop analytic skills and greatly improve overall brain function. Learning to play a musical instrument strengthens the corpus callosum (the nerve that connects the two hemispheres of the brain) thus creating new neural connections.

4. Learning a Foreign Language

Apart from being a linguistic subject matter, you can meet new people and new ideas as well. Also, at a certain moment you will realize that there are some phrases or concepts in other languages that do not have direct translation in L1! This can be a challenging and fun exercise for the mind.

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5. Visit Places & New Things

Travelling is also the way how to be smart. By visiting new and different places, you will first need information, concentration and observation for the first time. It is very good to train your brain intelligence and train you to be more thorough in solving some things.

6. Sharing Science & Explaining It to Others

Make sure you have really learned what you are learning. If you have learned and understood the information, then that information has been embedded in your brain memory. By trying to teach it to others, you will still deepen the memory of the information you have learned. It is quite easy to learn and remember new information or lessons. The ability to store that information and teach others is much more valuable.

7. Enough Sleep & Maintain Sleep Quality

The American Foundation suggests that 7 – 9 hours of sleep at night is optimal for most of us to function as we should. Sleep can help our nervous system to function properly, with some other experts believe that nerve cells use our periods of sleep to turn off and improve – helping our brain work better.

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8. Consumption of Healthy & Nutritious Foods

The last thing about how to become a smarter person is the foods you consume. The study, published in the journal Neurology found that improving the quality of what is eaten and overall is an important factor to reduce the risk of memory loss and the ability to think.

In terms of actually improving cognitive function, further research found that Mediterranean-style foods containing olive oil and beans will be rich in antioxidants. Monounsaturated fatty acids in avocado are also thought to help protect nerve cells in the brain and increase the strength of brain muscles.

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